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Our Mission.

Oxygen Escapes is part of Oxygen Conservation. Founded in 2021, our mission is to deliver positive environmental and social impact, generating a profit as a result never the purpose of what we do. We acquire land across the UK from Cornwall to Scotland, restoring natural processes to protect and restore the natural and built environment. Each site we own and manage has a unique ecology, and therefore we treat each site as such when determining our long-term conservation objectives.

At Oxygen Escapes We hold the belief that true connection with nature requires immersion in its unspoiled beauty.


Our Core Values.

As a company, it’s very easy to just talk about our values. It’s harder to show it. Our commitment to the environment is unwavering and guides us in every decision we make. It is the driving force that propels us forward. We are passionate, dedicated and some might say a little crazy, but that enables us to deliver a positive impact at pace and scale. We aim to always hire those who are better than us, who can challenge us, and who can, ultimately, help us to Scale Conservation.


We prioritise protecting and restoring what precious ecosystems we have left. 


Every decision we make, both social and environmental, delivers impact.


We believe in a life of constant adventure.


How we are helping the Planet.

Our estates span the breadth of the UK and cover a range of landscapes but currently our ecotourism offer is focused on two very special estates. Our long-term objectives for ecosystem restoration are therefore unique to each site. You might find us creating woodland to enhance biodiversity, recreating species rich grasslands across degraded fieldscapes, or even re-wiggling rivers to improve their health and ecological resilience. Wherever we can, however, we will be welcoming people to visit, engage with nature and witness what will be an incredible, landscape-scale restoration.

By staying at an Oxygen Escapes accommodation, you are contributing to these conservation efforts in a very real way.


What does Ecotourism mean to us?

Our ecotourism vision is similar to that of the wider business’ vision in being unique to each estate. Just as we prioritise each landscape’s individual requirements, we assess where, and how best to welcome people to explore the environment. Along with selectively chosen experiential adventures, you’ll find renovated farm buildings, sensitively situated glamping stays, and carefully refurbished farmhouses.

Our aim with all our accommodation and experiences is to minimise our footprint as much as we can. We consider every detail, from cleaning to energy provision, food sourcing to waste management, and assess the most environmentally friendly approach that’s possible for each location. By ‘environmentally-friendly’ we really mean an approach which is natural and positively impactful, energy efficient, and beneficial to the local community.


Challenging ourselves to be better.

At each Oxygen Escapes stay we aim to be aspirational, to challenge operational practices in order to elevate the bar for what ecotourism means, on every level. As time goes by, we will continue to evolve and improve. Our promise is to remain transparent and committed, sharing each of our learnings as they come.

We always want to hear from those who have stayed at one of our sites, to learn what you loved and how we can improve. So please do get in touch and share your feedback with the team.