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Oxygen Escapes


Discover the UK’s wonders with Oxygen Escapes.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us. Oxygen Escapes is dedicated to crafting carefully curated experiences that not only immerse you in the splendour of the natural world but also champion the cause of environmental preservation through eco-conscious travel. We believe in loving and protecting our natural environments by directly engaging with them, offering outstanding accommodations and experiential, nature-based adventures designed to connect you deeply with the natural world and its restorative effects. Your choice to travel with us supports local communities, protects wildlife, conserves natural habitats, and promotes a sustainable future for our planet. Book your journey today.

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Wild With Nature, Shropham


Relax, Explore and Rejuvenate.

Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of hiking untrodden paths, paddleboarding across lakes, or simply soaking in the tranquillity of a remote countryside, Oxygen Escapes crafts each adventure to connect you deeply with nature’s wonders. Explore our diverse locations and find your perfect escape into the wild. Adventure and the great outdoors await at every turn with Oxygen Escapes.



Conservation as the Compass of Our Travels.

Our commitment to nature means you’ll be exploring the UK’s stunning landscapes while supporting preservation efforts to keep them protected. With Oxygen Escapes, you’re not just embarking on a journey; you’re becoming part of a movement towards responsible tourism. Our exclusive selection of accommodations and experiences are designed to offer you unparalleled access to natural beauty and tranquility, ensuring your holiday is not only memorable but also meaningful. From personalised adventures that immerse you in the local environment to high-end, eco-friendly lodgings that promise relaxation and comfort, Oxygen Escapes is your gateway to a holiday that satisfies the soul and respects the planet.


Environment. Impact. Adventure.  

Oxygen Escapes is part of Oxygen Conservation, committed to Scaling Conservation to deliver positive environmental and social impact, in an attempt to help save the world. Acquiring land across the UK we believe in restoring natural processes to protect and restore the natural and built environment. Our ethos is shaped by three core values: Environment, Impact, and Adventure. We are deeply committed to eco-conscious travel being a part of our conservation objectives. We cannot expect people to respect and care for nature if we don’t allow people to visit, stay, experience and connect with these incredible landscapes.

By blending these values, Oxygen Escapes offers experiences that are meaningful, sustainable, and unforgettable, inviting you to be part of a journey that respects the earth and leaves a legacy of positive change.

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Here's what our adventurers think.

  • “Very comfortable stay had all the amenities that we needed. Kitchen well equipped with dishes etc…..log fire was lovely..”

    - David: Barn Cottage, Mornacott

  • “Another lovely stay at Barn Cottage. So peaceful. We loved walking round the estate and using the swimming pool and sauna every day. Thanks for having us..”

    - Katie: Barn Cottage, Mornacott

  • “We had an amazing stay at the Old Stables, kids loved the pool and the games room! Great countryside for walks. Thank you!”

    - Daniel: The Old Stables, Mornacott


We take our Environmental Stewardship seriously.

Oxygen Conservation strives to Scale Conservation through sustainable land management. Our mission is to deliver positive environmental and social impact, to protect and regenerate our spectacular landscapes and restore and enhance biodiversity for future generations. By staying at an Oxygen Escapes property, our guests will be contributing to these conservation efforts in a very real way.

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